HAZFLO - What can we do for you?

At HAZFLO we have sourced the very best in food grade and hygenic wash down and liquid transfer equipment. Specialists in liquid transfer, wash down and sanitisation needs we have brought the very best from our Italian manufacturer at an unbeatable price. We supply hardware to a range of customers, from engineers sourcing for projects to the brewer looking for a no nonsense transfer pump. We have the ability to speciality source for any hygenic or food grade application.

Our pumps are FDA approved, pneumatic diaphragm pumps these are perfect for plug and play liquid transfer. Self priming with the ability to pump grit these pumps can be run dry without damage. Applications in the beer, wine, dairy, juice, oil, honey and food processing industries these pumps are just awesome! 

Our automatic hose reels are 304 stainless steel and perfect for wash down in a variety of industries. 304 stainless ensures that these reels are hygenic and perfect for environments requiring regular wash downs. They can handle high heat and a variety of configurations including a 90 degree swivel bracket. We also have portable wash units and sanitiser units on offer which are fantastic for a range of applications. 

Our storage tanks are 304 or 316 stainless non hygienic construction and perfect for storage when bunding is necessary. These tanks are great for chemical, cosmetic and pre processed storage of ingredients and or by product. Our tanks are self bunded and baffled in a variety of  sizes. 

We have an awesome range of accessories to supplement and complement our range and better service the industry.
Cant find what you need? Give us a shout and lets see what we can do for you!

We are happy to custom source and supply depending on your needs.