Meter & Batching

Batch Controlling

A batch controller is a piece of electronic equipment that, when installed with an appropriate flowmeter, measures the volume of liquid that flows through a line and controls a valve to dispense an exact quantity of liquid into a process.

  • Commercial baking or food manufacturing operations
  • Commercial breweries
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturers diluting concentrates or powdered chemicals to be sold as a diluted liquid.
  • Commercial cleaners breaking down bulk chemical into bottles for use by employees.
  • Packaging finished product into bottles, drums or intermediate bulk containers

Benefits of Batch Controlling

Batch controllers have a range of benefits including;

  • Automating repetitive liquid dispensing tasks without increasing labour cost.
  • Improved utilisation of existing workforce by turning liquid dispensing tasks into a ‘button press’, allowing workers to move on to other tasks while the batch controller does its job.
  • The ability to scale up a manufacturing plant without adding a large workforce.
  • Improved quality of the manufactured product by more accurately controlling the volume of ingredients.
  • Avoiding spoiled batches which could be caused by accidental over addition of an ingredient.
  • Reduced wastage of ingredients or concentrates.
  • Improved occupational work health and safety by avoiding spillage of hazardous liquids.
Download the Batch Controlling Design Guide HERE