Waste Water

In the food and beverage industry cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Companies spend big money on cleaning systems equipment and standards to ensure that they are compliant as well as capable.

These systems vary as appropriate to the site itself but rely on clean water and detergent to remove contaminants and food stuffs to keep their customers safe.

In an effort to save our customers money while caring for the environment and providing industry leading innovative solutions HAZFLO has partnered with a supplier of standardised waste water treatment skids.

Our skids and systems are used to treat your cleaning effluent and waste water ensuring that it can be repurposed or reused as required. Some of our customers use their treated water to reclean their facilities or to water their gardens, vineyards and yards. 

Cutting edge membrane and Bioreactor technology for facilities from small to large over a broad range of industries are used and standardised on to ensure our pricing is competitive and applicable to anyone in food and beverage manufacture. 

Our systems are scalable and easy to service and assemble with the layman in mind when designed. Canadian and Australian manufacture ensures top quality components while still keeping our pricing competitive. Give us a ring or contact us for more information. 

Applicable industries:

  • Food and beverage manufacture 
  • Off the grid sewage treatment 
  • Small town / council sewage treatment 
  • Mining camp sewage treatment