Heavy Duty Wine-Beverage Suction & Delivery Hose

Heavy Duty Wine-Beverage Suction & Delivery Hose

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Heavy duty food grade suction & delivery hose for bottling, wine making, canning, dairy, brewing and liquid foods.
Lightweight and flexible. External helix provides for easy drag. Rated for both suction and delivery. Clear sidewall permits visual check of material flow.


  • Tube: Flexible PVC, smooth bore, corrugated OD
  • Reinforcing: Rigid PVC helix, synthetic braiding

Sold in 20 m lengths - cutting will be charged for
Working pressure: 110 PSI
Burst pressure: 330 PSI 
Working pressure: 110 PSI
Vacuum rating: 9 M/h20
Working temp: -25°C to +60°C

Produced entirely of compounds in compliance with FDA and 3-A non-toxic specifications.

Technical data sheets HERE