Hose PVC Food Grade - Water, Air, Food

Hose PVC Food Grade - Water, Air, Food

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A non-toxic multi-purpose hose for the transfer of air, water, powdered foods and petroleum based products.

Working pressure 250 PSI (17 Bar)
Burst pressure 1000 PSI (68 bar) 
Temp range -10 to 60ºC
Bend radius 60mm 

Priced at 20m lengths, cuttings will be charged for as appropriate

Conforms to AS/NZS2554 1998 Class A, and AS2070 1999.
Meets EEC Directive 90/128 for articles intended for contact with food.

Tube: Glass clear smooth PVC blue tint
Reinforcing: Polyester with spiral red Gold tracer
Cover: Glass clear smooth PVC with blue tint

Technical data sheets HERE