Rubber Hose FOODBOSS - Milk, wine, beer, processed food.

Rubber Hose FOODBOSS - Milk, wine, beer, processed food.

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Hardwall hose for suction and discharge of milk and foodstuff.
The light-weight structure makes it a particularly flexible and easy to handle hose.

Reg. CE 1935/04 and CE 2023/06. Phthalates free. PAHs free (acc. to ZEK 01.4-08 Cat. 1). Bisphenol A free. FDA tit.21 art. 177.2600 aqueous and fatty foods. BfR XXI cat.2 foods. D.M. 21/03/73 aqueous foods and alcohols at 72°.

Mandrel Rubber
Tube: White, smooth, food quality
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord with steel wire helix
Cover: Blue smooth wrapped finish EPDM rubber weathering and abrasion resistant

Sanitation: Max 110°C for a few minutes with steam, max 30°C for a few minutes with 1% peracetic acid, 2% phosphoric acid, 5%c

Sold in 20 m lengths - cutting will be charged for
Working pressure: 90 PSI (6 Bar)
Burst pressure: 270 PSI (18 Bar)
Pressure rating: Negative 525 mmHg 0.7 Bar
Working temp: -40°C to +120°C

Technical Data Sheet HERE