HAZFLO - sanitary and certified food grade equipment

HAZFLO, a proudly Australian owned businessHAZFLO started in 2020 in Geebung, Brisbane after a few months we outgrew our premises and moved to Narangba.



We focus on providing Australian businesses with sanitary and certified food grade equipment across various industries such as wine, beer, cider, spirits, abattoir, honey, dairy, oil, food, cosmetics, water, custody transfer, CIP (Clean In Place) and much more.

Working closely with our suppliers, we specialise in the Food and Beverage space with pumps and equipment with FDA approval as well as Wine Transfer Equipment and Water Treatment Skids.

HAZFLO - various industries

We have taken on CIP and Wash Down Application Equipment after a demand was identified from our customer base.

We have experience in the waste oils and the chemical industry through our sister company PETRO industrial. 

We have worked hard to obtain close supplier relationships and have sourced some of the best equipment in the industry from European and American sources. 

We provide Liquid Storage Tanks, Pumps, Strainers & Filtration, Meters & Batching, Hoses, Hose Reels, Valves and Fittings to name just a few.

    We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our range. If you are looking for something specific, contact us and we will source it for you.


    HAZFLO only source and stock high quality, field proven brands that stood the test of time. Quality is vital in the food and beverage industry and is something that can not be compromised on.

    Some of the major brands we stock are Meclube, Strazzari, Flomec, Dixon, PETRO Industrial and Johnson, just to name a few.


    Wine Industry – HAZFLO

    Our range of Harvest, Grape and Marc Transfer & Collection pumps and Trailers are the perfect solution to increase safety and efficiency in the industry. 

    The Transfer pumps, fittings and hoses meet all the necessary Food Grade requirements while keeping the Wine free of Oxygen during the processing stages.


    Beers, Ciders and Spirits

    All 3 Industries facing unique challenges and requiring great solutions. Our combination of Pumps, Fittings, and Hoses are perfect for the transfer and metering duties as well as the bottling and wash transfer.



    The Abattoir Industry is a highly demanding environment and all about Efficiency and Hygiene. Our extensive range of Wash Down & Pumping Equipment brings a useful range of products to suit most applications.



    Our honey collection features hoses and pumps that can easily service this industry, from large to small volumes. Our diaphragm pumps easily handle the sweet viscosity associated with honey and are perfect for transfer and bottling duties.  Can be used with viscous sugars as well, molasses and sugar syrups.



    The Dairy Industry demands high Sanitary requirements. Our range of pumps are perfectly suited and only the best quality, FDA approved and able to be broken down or cleaned in place.


    Food, Cooking Oil

    This collection is chosen based on the needs of oil producers and users in Australia. Hygienic as well as non-hygienic pumps are available depending on the application involved. Non-hygienic storage tanks are perfect for pre-processing storage or storage of used products.


    Food Processing

    From metering to pumping and filtration we have you covered! We work with a range of speciality manufacturers and suppliers and often cant list all of our our products online. 

    We have partnered with a European Process Specialist who manufactures and designs custom processing plants and machinery. Please be in touch should you have any needs or requirements for your business.


    Wash Down and Cleaning

    HAZFLO's cleaning products are specced and sourced with the needs of the food and beverage industry in mind.  Easy to keep clean, durable and from fantastic brands these products are perfectly suited to the needs of manufacturers around Australia.


    cosmetic manufacturing

    The Cosmetic Manufacturers require apparatus that does not damage or contaminate their products when it is prepared for packaging. HAZFLO Food Grade Transfer equipment offers the perfect solution.


    waste water storage

    In the food and beverage industry cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Companies spend big money on cleaning systems equipment and standards to ensure that they are compliant as well as capable.

    These systems vary as appropriate to the site itself but rely on clean water and detergent to remove contaminants and food stuffs to keep their customers safe.

    In an effort to save our customers money while caring for the environment and providing industry leading innovative solutions HAZFLO has partnered with a supplier of standardised waste water treatment skids.

    Our skids and systems are used to treat your cleaning effluent and waste water ensuring that it can be repurposed or reused as required. Some of our customers use their treated water to reclean their facilities or to water their gardens, vineyards and yards. 

    Cutting edge membrane and Bioreactor technology for facilities from small to large over a broad range of industries are used and standardised on to ensure our pricing is competitive and applicable to anyone in food and beverage manufacture. 

    Our systems are scalable and easy to service and assemble with the layman in mind when designed. Canadian and Australian manufacture ensures top quality components while still keeping our pricing competitive. Give us a ring or contact us for more information. 

    Applicable industries:

    • Food and beverage manufacture 
    • Off the grid sewage treatment 
    • Small town / council sewage treatment 
    • Mining camp sewage treatment 


    Waste Oil

    HAZFLO has designed and developed a range of fresh and waste oil solutions to suit your business requirements!  Waste oil tanks with thermal and electrical integrity are designed for busy restaurants and fast food locations. 

    These tanks are designed for top dumping or to be plumbed in. They come with a bunded protective layer and are manufactured and tested in our factory in Narangba. 

    Tanks are perfect for bulk storage pending bulk collections and are signed and painted as appropriate. Please contact us today and let us solve your waste oil challenges.


    Custody Transfer

    NMI Requirements in the food and beverage industry for all retail charged items is a must!  Ensure that your records and metering systems are up to standard with our custody transfer range.

    NMI approved and rated we can assist both big and small businesses with the relevant components required. National Measurement Institute sets put specific requirements when food is sold by weight or volume.

    Help us make this process a breeze and contact HAZFLO today!



    CIP – Clean In Place System

    Clean In Place (CIP) Systems are vital in maintaining a sanitary food process. Often these systems are costly and ineffective.

    HAZFLO has partnered with our European manufacturers to deliver a range of affordable and fit for purpose machines. The HAZFLO CIP process is designed on order in consultation with our manufacturer but is made with the small operator in mind. Taking the mystery and cost out of traditional CIP systems and making these accessible to small and medium sized operations was key in developing this product.

    HAZFLO CIP will save you time and money, keep your equipment clean and compliant. 

    Clean In Place Systems are designed to flood your lines post run with cleaning solution at temperature, allow appropriate soak time and follow with a flush run to rinse the lines as appropriate. This helps to keep your customers safe and production more consistent.  Contact us today to see how we can assist!